Dive Sites

Wreck: The wreck has been a popular site for over ten years. Previously, a barge owned by the Chiquita Banana company, now serves as a great artificial reef which houses a resident porcupine fish! At only 10 meters deep, divers can usually enjoy long bottom times at this location.

Marker 19: Located on the north point of San Cristobal, this site is less traveled, which ensures great reef with lots of critters!! Very common to see lots of lion fish, as well as lobsters. As tempting as it is, we always leave the lobsters alone to enjoy their home.

Coral Gardens: Located on the south end of Solarte, this shallow reef is vibrant with colors, corals, sponges, and beautiful fish. Common to see southern and rough tail stingrays and the occasional barracudas!

White House: One of our most popular spots! Don’t be surprised to pass a nurse shark here, as well as file fish and squirrelfish. This site can be 10 meters or 20 meters, your choice!

The Wall: This is just as it sounds, it’s a 25 meter deep wall! We do our deep dives here, and on good days we see schools of big jacks! If you’re really lucky, a curious eagle ray or some devil rays will cruise by to say hi!

Lunch Box: This is a 18 meter long sunken ship. Sank with the help of the owner of Panama Dive School! It’s trimaran hull and open cabin allow for a great swim through, and a favorite for photos. Sitting at 17 meters deep, divers of all levels can make this dive! Sharks have been known to sleep under the wreck as well.


Dolphin Rock: Dolphin Rock gets the misconception of the public to have dolphins… No dolphins to see here, but there are great rock formations with big schools of fish close to the surface, and octopus can often been seen hiding in the cracks. It’s a very unique and different site compared to most others.

Hospital Point: This is a very historic site. Home to the first hospital in Bocas to isolate yellow fever, malaria, and other fatal diseases. This is a mini wall with lots of diverse fish. Being another shallow dive, long bottom times are possible here. A favorite for snorkelers as well.

Polo Beach Canyons and Caves: The owners personal favorites! These dives are great caverns, swim throughs, and canyons. Only possible about four months out of the year, it’s a real treat to make it here!! When the stars align and we make these trips, don’t miss out. The views are incredible! Only for certified divers, so make sure you get certified before we go here!

Tiger Rock: The best of the best. Deep wall dives, great color, and a fun day out on the boat. The trip out is about an hour, so we usually take our time on the way back and enjoy a few cold ones on the beach in Zapatillas. Safety is first, so we like to screen our divers before this trip and we only go when conditions are right. If you like big animals, great visibility, and deep walls, this is the trip for you!